Wanna know how I got these scars?

Zuid Holland, Netherlands
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21 jump street, adrien brody, bbc, blending, bob dylan, brian kinney, brokeback mountain, cbbc, chris lowell, christina ricci, cillian murphy, closer, concerts, criminal minds, de staat, dexter, dominic monaghan, evangeline lilly, ewan mcgregor, festivals, finn hudson, gabriel rios, gale harold, gaspard ulliel, glee, harry potter, heath ledger, hit me tv, icons, infadels, into the wild, jack black, jack peñate, jackson rathbone, jake gyllenhaal, jared leto, jesse stjames, joaquin phoenix, johnny depp, jonathan rhys meyers, jonathan ross, jorge garcia, justin taylor, kate nash, kevin zegers, kristen bell, kyteman, logan, lord of the rings, lost, lowlands, maggie grace, mark rhodes, michael pitt, michelle williams, movies, music, natalie portman, ned, noel fielding, oasis, pirates of the caribbean, piz, placebo, postsecrets, prison break, pushing daisies, queer as folk, randy harrison, reese witherspoon, relax, rupert grint, russell brand, sam & mark, sam nixon, scarlett johansson, scrubs, stereophonics, the boat that rocked, the green mile, the hoosiers, the pie maker, tom hanks, tom mcrae, trainspotting, true blood, tv, twilight, velvet goldmine, veronica mars, walk the line, white stripes
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Girl. 23. The Netherlands. Originally Blonde. Movie. Music. Festivals. Concerts.Fangirl. Traveling. Colofull. Graphic design student. 1 dog. 3 cats. 2 chickens.
Love. Peace. Happiness. Ice cream.

Johnny Depp. James McAvoy. Rupert Grint. Cillian Murphy. Ewan McGregor. Michael Pitt. Gaspard Ulliel. Ben Barnes. Sam & Mark. Eric Northman. Prince Caspian. Ben Barnes. Andrew Garfield. The Doctor. Matt Smith.
Queer as Folk. Velvet Goldmine. Lord of the Rings. Pirates of the Caribbean. Skins. Doctor Who. TMI. The Office. Modern Family. True Blood. Criminal Minds.
Gabriel Rios. Relax. White Stripes. Moby. Oasis. De Staat. Kyteman. Hit Me TV. Baskerville. The Wombats. Agnes Obel. Lucky Fonz III. Angus & Julia Stone. Cold War Kids. Crystal Fighters.
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